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Lawn Aeration opens the soil and allows nutrients and water to enter the ground.

We highly recommend having your lawn aerated at least once every two years at the very minimum.

Why Aerate?

     Through the process of aeration, soil compaction is relieved and oxygen can travel to the root zone.  Lawn aeration is the mechanical process of removing cores from the lawn to allow water, air, fertilizer, seed and nutrients to better reach the roots. This stimulates root growth, causing your lawn to be healthier, thicker and greener throughout the growing season. Lawn aeration also helps reduce thatch build up. The plugs will gradually break down into your lawn leaving behind important nutrients. 
     Aeration tines penetrate the soil and eject cores of soil onto the turf surface where they are utilized as a productive top-dressing.  Most lawns require semi-annual aeration.  Let your lawn breathe----do what the athletic fields do. 


Can I seed and fertilize at the same as when I aerate?

     Yes. Combining aeration with seeding and fertilization is an excellent idea.  Aeration loosens up the soil, giving new plant roots "room to grow".  Over-seeding in the late summer/early fall remains the optimum time for any over-seeding because you avoid the summer heat and drought and the new seedlings do not have to compete with spring germinating weeds---allowing the little seedlings to grow with the cool temperatures and then having the winter months to allow the seedlings to strengthen their roots and prepare for the hotter months to come.  The lesser option for over-seeding is late winter / early spring, once again to take advantage of the cooler temperatures and moisture to allow the seedlings to take root.

     An application of fertilizer along with the heavy watering just after aeration and over-seeding will stimulate root growth.  Spring and fall are the most optimal time to fertilize allowing the cooler temperatures and the moisture from the rain to penetrate the lawn over a long period of time allowing your lawn to take full advantage of the added nutrients.  Frequent light watering for a few weeks after over-seeding will allow the seeds to develop into healthy turf grass.  Deep watering every two or three days is recommended for most of the rest of the year allowing your lawn’s roots to grow deeper for increased strength during dry times.


What is power raking----Can I aerate, fertilize & over-seed at the same time?

     Power raking is a great way to remove dead debris and crust that builds up on a lawn---it is a gentle way to remove a large amount of thatch from the lawn without causing significant damage.  On select properties we recommend power raking yearly either in the spring or the fall as it is a great way to prepare your lawn for new growth.  When power raking is combined with aeration your lawn will receive the ultimate in lawn renovation treatments.

What should I do as a homeowner to prepare my lawn for your service? 
Do I need to water before you service my lawn

  1. Water heavily the morning of the day before your lawn is scheduled for aeration.  Please water until you are able to easily push a small shovel 4” into the ground.
  2. Mark all sprinkler heads.
  3. Mark any shallow telephone, satellite, cable or lighting wires with marking flags.
  4. Invisible fencing must be professionally marked by your fence installer.  There are sometimes “supply” lines running in places your dog’s collar will not detect.
  5. Make sure a gate is unlocked and any pets are in the house.
  6. Pick up all debris such as sticks, rocks, toys etc...

Do I need to be home at the time of service? How do I give special instructions to the tech if I am not home? Where do I leave the payment if I am not home?

     We do not require anyone to be home at the time of service, if you have special instructions please notify us when you sign up for service.  You do not need to leave any payment, we will bill you for all services performed.

Do I need to put my dog in the house?

We love dogs.  However we wouldn't want anything to happen to them while we are doing your service.  So please keep your dogs inside.

What should I do after you have performed the services on my lawn?
Do I need to rake up the plugs?
How deep should I expect my plugs to be?

WATER! Especially if you had us over-seed or fertilize. Now that you have had your deep core aeration done the water can fill those new holes and start benefiting the roots immediately. Frequent light watering for a few weeks after over-seeding will allow the seeds to develop into healthy turf grass.  Deep watering every two or three days is recommended for most of the rest of the year allowing your lawn’s roots to grow deeper for increased strength during dry times.

Please remember to water, water, water after having your lawn over-seeded.



Plug size varies from lawn to lawn. Our machines will give you the deepest plug possible for your lawn (if you water). If your lawn is thick and healthy, you should expect around a 3 inch plug or more.  If your lawn is very hard (clay) or unhealthy, you will see less than that. Always remember to water HEAVILY prior to having your lawn aerated.

How often should I aerate, fertilize, over-seed, power rake my lawn?

There really is no such thing as aerating too much.  However, we recommend aerating each fall.  When combined annually with seeding and fall fertilization your lawn will be more healthy and ready for nest summer’s heat. For an extra thick healthy lawn, aerate again midsummer with a nitrogen fertilizer treatment.  Make sure you water heavily the night before your aeration.
Our 4-step fertilization program supplies your lawn with the nutrients it needs to remain healthy year round.
We recommend power raking only as needed.  Our service techs are able to easily identify lawns in need of power raking.  The most optimal time is early fall when combined with lawn aeration and over-seeding.

What time of the day will you be here to perform the services?

      Because each job takes a different amount of time to complete and because of the possible continuous rainy days of Missouri, it is impossible to give an precise time of arrival.  Our technicians work until dark most days.    


Can I schedule for a specific day or time?

    We are not able to schedule your property for a specific date or time when you sign up.  We will however call you 2 days prior to your aeration date to be sure you have adequate time to fully water the lawn prior to your aeration.


What kind of fertilizer / seed do you use?

     We use a professional grade fertilizer for all of our customers.  This fertilizer is a granular time released treatment that won’t burn your lawn. Our Lesco fertilizer is balanced with nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium to keep your lawn healthy and strong.  Turf is a very hungry plant during its major growing seasons. Proper fertilizing and over-seeding with balanced applications throughout the year promotes thick, dense grass that can resist disease and weed invasions.  The type of seed used can vary depending on the property.  For most properties we use Lesco Transition BlendTransition Blend is a blend of several different fescue species to produce a rich green color in a very heat and drought tolerant lawn turf.
Lawns are only as good as the seed from which they are planted.

Our professional turf blend grass seed is a fantastic mixture of vibrant fescues intended to enhance the life, health and appearance of your lawn. Our grass seed products are virtually weed free, provide great coverage and contain hearty varieties that help produce the thickest, greenest lawns in the neighborhood. We use a Lesco brand seed that is excellent for over-seeding entire lawns in St. Louis and bringing back those high traffic, thin areas of your lawn to the thick, plush version of fescue that many of us have come to appreciate. We have combined everything you need to take care of bare patches and thin spots: power raking, lawn aeration, seeds and fertilizers.  You provide the water!

How much does aeration / power raking / fertilization / over-seeding cost?

More often than not it is more cost effective to hire someone to provide these services that it is to do it yourself.  The rental expense for aerating or power raking equipment is often near the same cost as to have it done.  Additionally due to the large quantity of seed and fertilizer we purchase we are often able to spread the product on your lawn for you at nearly the same cost as to purchase the seed or fertilizer yourself.


Do you service my "hills"?

We are unable to service most "hills" do to a safety issue for our service men.  We do however service most "slopes".  What is a hill vs. a slope is up to the discretion of our tech's and their safety. Thank you for your understanding.



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